Gembly Prizes

How can I win prizes?

After every game you play, if this is a challenge, jackpot or tournament, you’ll receive a free ticket.The tickets will automatically be added to your ticket total at the top of your screen. If you click on your ticket total you’ll go the the Gembly Prizes page. Here you’ll find all the current prizes. Choose a prize and enter with the minimal amount of tickets required. Once entered you have a chance of winning the prize! You can enter as many times as you like, though you should take note that some prizes require multiple tickets to enter.

On this page you can see a countdown to when the winner is chosen. Winners are chosen completely at random, though the more times you have entered the bigger the chance is of winning. The winner of a prize will be notified by e-mail, and will be displayed on the homepage with their username and the prize they have won. Make sure you have activated your account. Without a valid email address you can not enter.


What are tickets and how do I get them?

After every game you play you’ll receive a free ticket. You can use these tickets on the Gembly Prizes page to have a chance of winning cool prizes.

After every game you play, if this is a challenge, jackpot or tournament, you’ll receive a free ticket. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. This ticket can be used on the Gembly Prizes page. So, play games and collect those tickets!

General Information

To which countries do we ship?

The special Gembly prizes are shipped to the US, Canada, France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Belgium.

Why is the prize I received a bit different than the image/description on the prize page?

We ship the Gembly prizes to as many countries as possible, therefore it may occur that the exact color or model of the prize seen on the Prize Page isn’t available (anymore) in your region. In this case we will send you a similar item of the same value. We do our very best to offer prizes available in as many regions as possible.

I didn't receive an email with instructions after winning?

The email may have landed in your spam box, so please check your spam and make sure that and isn't on your spam list. If the email isn't in your spam box then contact us at and we'll be happy to help you further.